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Youth  Development  Through  Martial  Arts

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grant applications for round-2 are opening soon!


Martial Arts Changes Lives


Respect, perseverance, overcoming challenges, achieving goals, hard work, dedication,  awareness - All fringe benefits of martial arts training that can be be life changing. Learning these powerful lessons during the formative years of youth provide the next generation with a major advantage later on in life. We want to help make martial arts accessible for all!

Budo Youth Fund

To date, you have helped us put 44 deserving kids through martial arts....

We started in our local city, and we’re thrilled that we’ve been able to take this initiative across North America!


Budo Youth fund

the budo youth fund

A legally formed, non-profit entity whose sole purpose is to fund youth development through martial arts.

Budo Brothers will donate 10% of our profits to the fund.

Now that we have a legally formed entity, we can accept donations, run fund raisers, and look for corporate sponsors to help us achieve our goal of putting 500 kids through martial arts over the next 5 years.





100% of every raised & donated dollar goes straight to the cause 

There are ZERO management fees, NO games, NO salaries, NO reimbursed expenses, and NO creative accounting. We put in the volunteer hours to make each dollar go as far as possible. 

Each time we raise $10,000 we will be open for grant applications to to help deserving youth get their martial arts journey started. We will take our bank account straight down to zero, fund as many kids as we can, then do it all over again!


the process 

Fill out the grant application to the best of your ability and clearly outline why your son or daughter should be selected from the many applicants to receive grant funding to get started on their martial arts journey. We then take your application to our funding committee and do our homework on the instructor that you chose. We want to make sure that the instructors are teaching empowerment and self discovery and exemplify youth development through martial arts. Once due diligence is complete and everything checks out, we will shortlist the top candidates for funding and notify you by email of your selection. 

Once you've been added to the shortlist, it is now time to determine the winners!  All shortlisted candidates will submit a video (simply shot on your smart phone) of you and/or your son or daughter explaining why they want to start training. It's hard to get a sense what people are like through words alone, so we feel like a video will be the best way to connect with you given our geographic distances.

Winners can receive up to one year of tuition from the Budo Youth Fund. 

Please note that we really want these funds to go toward families that could really use the help. So if you can afford training, please make room for someone who might not be able to :) 



we reached our $10,000 goal for our first round



we sponsored 10 families and 1 program with this first round, and now we are busy raising our second round.

Grant applications will open as soon as the fund hits another $10,000



if you want to help us continue this purposeful work, your financial donations will go a long way.

Help us help the next generation discover how powerful they really are.